Saturday, December 02, 2006

LIS 753 Post 5

In the article, “Library 2.0” by Michael Casey and Laura Savastinuk discuss the need for to libraries to offer services that meet their users’ needs. These services can involve modern technology but not necessarily. The importance of these services is that they “successfully reaches users, [are] evaluated frequently, and makes use of customer input.” I like how a simple service like offering meeting space for a group is seen as Library 2.0. This is nice for libraries that cannot afford to purchase some of the expensive technology based services. They can still offer inexpensive ways to meet their patrons’ needs. I agree with Jenny Levine (who is referred to in this article) that many libraries are not ready to try new services. I feel that many librarians already have a full plate and do not know how to incorporate these new services. Casey and Savastinuk commented that these new services can help bring in new patrons and help retain current patrons. They mentioned how libraries could offer services that personalize their experience at the library. For example, libraries could offer personalized library web pages or allow patrons to run informal book talks through the library’s blog. If libraries want to be seen as current and valuable in their patrons’ eyes, then they need to offer the services their patrons’ need and request. These services do not have to involve modern technology but just need to fulfill the needs of their patrons.


  • At 3:17 PM, Blogger Nick said…

    I like what you have to say about how libraries can reach out to their users in relatively inexpensive ways. I suppose it doesn't necessarily take a huge budget for a library to embrace the Library 2.0 phenomenon.


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