Friday, October 06, 2006

LIS 753 Blog post 1

In the article, Using Wikis to Support Online Collaboration in Libraries by Darlene Fichter, the author discussed many ways that libraries could use wikis to foster collaboration. I have never used a wiki before except when I looked at the Wikipedia site. I like the concept that potentially anyone who wants to can express their knowledge on the Wikipedia site. It seems to be a nice way to receive information from many different people with many different view points on a topic.
The idea of using wiki software seems ideal for library use both with public services and behind the scenes. I think it would be a great way to run a library book club. The leader of the book club could create potential questions to discuss and the patrons involved could work together to answer the questions. They could keep the wiki open just to book club members or they could allow patrons who have read the book but are not in the book club to also add their input as well.
This would also be a great way to work on library programming between staff members who do not work with each other everyday. Since I only work part-time I was thinking I could use the wiki software to communicate ideas to fellow staff members. This way I can still work on the program even if I am not at work. I am really thinking about informing my department head about this software. It is amazing all the different ways you can communicate with library patrons and co-workers.


  • At 9:42 AM, Blogger Michael Stephens said…

    I like your thinking: transferring what you can do with wikis into practice in the library. Let us know what your dept head says!


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